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Iraqi Water Quality Index

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About Index

A group of specialists and technicians worked together to create an Iraqi water quality index that works technically for all devices.

The water quality index has been proven by practical experience and results.

Applying modern methods in calculating the water quality index and using software and technological systems to get accurate results

How does it work?

Fastest and most accurate methods to calculate the water quality status. In this method, professional experts first select the most important parameters. Then, the sub-index was calculated based on the standard value or the expected limit for each parameter. A proper weight is then assigned to each parameter relative to its impact on health or other aspects of concern. Finally, water quality is interpreted as values from excellent to unsuitable. The lower WQI values, the better water quality conditions.

Types of water uses


Used to evaluated the health of surface water in general

Aquatic Life

Used to evaluated the suitability of water body for the living of aquatic life


Used to evaluated the suitability of water for irrigation purpose

Raw Drinking Water

Used to evaluated the suitability of raw water for the Water treatment plants

How it works?


Now you receive the result and you can download it as a Google Sheet or as a PDF file.

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What are our innovations?

The Iraqi Water Quality Index (IWQI) has been developed with the assistance of environmental experts. The new mathematical model helps specialists and decision-makers announce the water quality status.